Ladies Win Ludington 2017

The Ladies of Silver Addiction weighed a one person limit of 5 fish, 3 kings and 2 lake trout that yielded 86.15 pounds! This was good enough to take first place in the Ludington Offshore 2017 Ladies Day Tournament. They landed 19 of 25 fish in a sloppy 3 foot sea. Miss Sarah (far left) holds their largest fish at 21.25 pounds. A goal achieved after their second place finish last year! Congratulations Ladies!!

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Welcome 2017

Another year has come and gone and the thoughts now turn to spring launch! Silver Addiction Charters is proud to announce that we will once again be holding our rates for the 2017 season! While many of you have already reserved your dates for 2017, we still have several PRIME dates available! Silver Addiction will start the season down in the southern end of the lake in St. Joe, Michigan. As usual, the Coho fishing is lights out and the table fare is second to none. So if you are looking to put some fantastic tasting fish into the freezer this is the time to do it. We will move back home to Ludington just before Memorial Day to get ready for those angry Spring Kings and Lake Trout. So if you want something to look forward to give us a call at 586-531-2763 or 231-233-6021 to save your fishing date!

Ladies Take 2nd In Ludington!

The Silver Addiction Ladies Team took 2nd Place in the Offshore Classic Ladies Pro Division! Although they had many obstacles to overcome; rain, rough water and a short end fishing time of 2.5 hours, due to a trolling bag breaking loose in the heavy seas and getting caught in the starboard prop, they still managed to boat a 58 plus pound box for their five fish. Team Members Jamie Adam, Sandi Williams, Sarah Herbert and Roxanne Thatcher boated a total of nine fish before having to limp in on one motor. They managed to land a double of big kings which allowed them to cash a second place check. First place was in their sights, but making sure to get in on time to weigh their box after the trolling bag line broke caused them to loose 2.5 hours of fishing time. However this didn't dampen their mood and only makes next year more exciting to grasp the top prize! Congratulations Ladies!!!

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Easton Has Arrived With The Big Trout!!

Easton Lawrence Ingle arrived at 4:05 am on Sunday, June 6th. The day before, Evan landed a Master Angler Lake Trout at 35.75 inches and 19.97 pounds. Evan and his family booked this trip as part of the Easton promo. Therefore, in celebration of Easton's arrival Captain Craig and I have extended the offer for any trips booked this month. Just remember to mention Easton when booking your June Charter!

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Great Expectations for All!

Spring brings hope eternal for all, for Great Lakes Fisherman, it is an anticipation of a great year of screaming drags and full coolers of fish. This spring, however, brings a special kind of excitement to the Silver Addiction Family, as we await the arrival of a new member. Our First Mate, Bradon and his wife Meri are expecting their first child, Easton!  Easton is expected to make his arrival around the end of May. 

So, in honor of this special occasion, Captain Craig and I have decided to celebrate it with a special rate to all those that book a trip before Easton’s arrival. Any trip booked before Easton’s arrival will receive a discount of $100! Just mention the name Easton when booking your trip.  

Happy New Year!

As the calendar gets ready to close the 2015 year out, we look forward to 2016. Winter seems to be on the warm side, so hopefully this will mean an early launch for Silver Addiction to begin the chase after Mr. Brown Trout. This early spring fishery is spectacular and is often over looked. It is a great family trip to get the young kids involved and excited about fishing. Give us a call to book your 2016 date at 586-747-6477! 

Kings Are Here!

The Kings have really shown up in Ludington. Captain Craig and Bradon are getting Silver Addiction dialed in for what is traditionally the best month for Kings. We have a few openings available and several evenings, so if you are looking for some great King action give us a call!

Browns Are Biting

Mother Nature gave us a great fishing weekend on May 1st and 2nd. Silver Addiction and Captain Craig fished this weekend and had GREAT ACTION! The Brown Trout were biting and Silver Addiction boated 32 Browns out of 40, along with a couple of nice Lake Trout. Captain Craig took Silver Addiction to the South Side of the Project. He fished in 6 to 8 foot of water down to the Bass Lake inlet. The water was nice and stained and of course, as flat as could be.  A wide spread of 6 boards on a side was key.

An important note:  Make sure to watch for the sand bars!! A large boat will churn mud on the sand bars if one is not careful.

Captain Craig has already scouted this area in the 14ft Guppy Getter.  However, if you can navigate them you will be well rewarded. So if you want a great big lake experience give us a call, we have dates available for this AWESOME FISHERY! Also check out our Facebook for pictures and more details!

The specifics are as follows:

Speed: 2.2 to 2.3 SOG South Troll was Best

Leads:  75 to 125 feet behind the board


  • Rapala F-11 in Natural Colors, Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout.  
  • Spoons on 1 color lead core:Yeck 44's Oil Slick, Froggy.  
  • Dreamweaver SS in Yellow Leopard and Yellow Signature

Warming Up!

The temperatures are predicted to start a slow warm up this week, and so is the fishing. Ludington produced another good batch of browns over the weekend. On Saturday, as Capt. Craig and Bradon again took to the harbor in the 14ft. Guppy Getter. They started at the crack of 1 pm after a warm hot lunch and fished until 4 pm. They had 24 fish on and managed to land 15. They were a bit smaller than their first trip on Monday. The water temp was 36 to 37 inside the harbor and 34/35 outside, down the break walls and along the beach. The majority of the bites came inside the harbor. The Steelhead were outside and along the beach. The baits of choice were the basic body baits and small spoons in the orange, yellows and blue patterns. Captain Craig did comment that he thought the bigger fish would have turned on if they stayed out later. This is due to the fact that their first trip was an early evening trip.

So, if you are getting a bit of Spring Fever, and you are looking for a great trip, I would definitely check out Ludington and this Brown Fishery. Sleep in, have a great family trip on the water, and be done in time for a nice dinner. The fishing will only get better as the water temperature rises and Silver Addiction will be ready and waiting.

It Has Begun!

Captain Craig and Bradon started the year off yesterday evening with the first trip of the year in the Guppy Getter. They were able to squeeze the 14 footer out between the shelf ice and found the harbor water to be 36 degrees. This is were they found Mr. Brown Trout waiting for them along with Mr. Steelhead. They ended up with 5 browns and 3 steelhead in just under three hours. While Silver Addiction will hopefully launch the week after Easter, it looks as if we could have a similar spring to last year. Stay tuned for more updates as Captain Craig and Bradon are just beginning the 2015 season!

2015 Season Is Fast Approaching!

February is Here! Mother Nature dropped 12 plus inches of snow on Sunday. The Ground Hog says 6 more weeks of winter. However, the crew of Silver Addiction is thinking warm thoughts, and getting her ready to launch as soon as the Ice is gone in Ludington. The Brown Trout will soon be vulnerable, once the ice is gone, and Silver Addiction will be on the hunt. Hopefully, to find a descendant of this magnificent fish! Where there is one, there are others, but you have to be on the water to have a chance so give us a call to book a Spring Brown Trip!

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2014 Salmon Season Comes To A Close

With the gales of November upon us, and snow flurries in the air, Silver Addiction made her way back home to Emmett. She is tucked away in the barn and ready for a well deserve winters nap. The 2014 Season was a challenging one with the Lake seemingly a month and a half behind schedule. The Season began with a 30 pound Brown Trout being landed fishing the shore line. By Memorial Day thru Father's Day the King bite was probably the best of the year. Late June thru July was a tale of fish or no fish. August, never brought a big run of Kings, however; September and early October showed signs of things to come as good numbers of three year old kings showed up to end the season on a positive note.These unstable lake temps meant the fish were constantly on the move, which meant that the Silver Addiction was never in the same spot two days in a row. This is what makes this sport so addicting. The pure challenge that is fishing was definitely on display this season.

The Crew of Silver Addiction would like to thank all of our friends, families and guests that fished with us this year. We look forward to an even better season next year! 

Season is NOT OVER YET!

Even though the calendar says that Bow Season is here, the Lake is still offering up some great fishing.  Good numbers of Steelhead and young Kings are there for the taking, as long as the Weather will allow us to get out.  This past weekend was a true gift as Silver Addiction took double digit catches on all of the trips.  The best, however, was with my Family on Sunday.  My Nephew Braxton, 7 yrs old, landed his first three steelhead he ever had the opportunity to catch.  It was his first time out on the big lake and he was a natural.  He even helped set the cores so as he said, "he could catch the fish faster by helping!"  It is times like this that make our Great Lakes truly GREAT!  

Good Job Braxton!!!  - Captain Mark aka Uncle Mark
My brother, Paul, and his son, Braxton.

My brother, Paul, and his son, Braxton.

The Best Has Just Begun

The King Fishing is heating up and so are the Surface Temperatures. We have Finally seen the surface temp reach 70 degrees. This means that the Lake still thinks that it is July, which means that the fishing should be good through September!  Good catches of Kings are becoming more consistent and they will only get better as the water improves. Of Course, Mother Nature will play a major role in this with both weather and when she calls the 4 year olds to spawn. This means that fishing should be really good for both Kings and Steelhead in September. So, if you have a free weekend and want to get a trip in before school and hunting season kick in full throttle give us a call!


The Big Boys have finally decided to show up and stay a while. They certainly live up to their name, as the surface temperature has been 58 degrees, which allows the might King to be full of energy once it reaches the boat. This means that the battle is far from over once the fish reaches the boat. Your angling abilities certainly get tested, when an 18 plus pound King, full of energy, is at the back of the boat! Therefore, whoever is less tired wins, as some of guests found out this week while doing battle. Overall, The trips are producing nice kings and a good mix bag. The King bite has been good but short lived in the morning, which means that Mr. Steelhead gets into the action as well, which makes for a great all around trip. So, if you are looking for a great time on the water let us know, as August and September are shaping up to be great for fishing!!

Manistee Salmon Splash in the Books!

Once again Silver Addiction traveled to Manistee this past weekend to compete in the Splash. The same Charter Crew of Ron and his son Cory, and Gary and his son Dane from last year, looked to improve on their 4th place finish. They were very good on fighting and landing fish, the only problem was that they were not big enough on day one. Day two however proved different, as the big ones were active and they put them in the boat. They managed a 13th place finish which is extremely respectable, since they are competing in the Pro Division, against seasoned teams. They also managed a 9th place in the 333 Series. Congratulations and Good Job Crew!

Cory & Dane.jpg

Ladies Take 6th in Lundington!

The Ladies Team of Madison, Taylor, Roxanne, Sarah and Elaine took 6th place in the Ludington Ladies Pro Division. Along with this good showing Madison Coleman landed a 20 pound KING that took second in big fish by just ounces!! In the Ladies day tournament, the Ladies need to fight and net the fish and they ended up doing a great job as always.  The normal short comings on getting the Trout was not a factor this year as Team Captain Sarah promised to KISS every Lake Trout that was landed. With an offer like that what Lake trout could resist, as the first three fish landed were lake trout. True to her word, Sarah KISSED each one. For proof of this and all the action, on Ladies Day, make sure to watch Michigan Outdoors in two weeks, as Jimmy Gretzinger got it all all film.  Congratulations Ladies!!

Ladies Team 2014.jpg

Happy 4th of July Weekend!

The weather has been beautiful in Ludington for the Holiday Weekend. Everyone is enjoying the weather, water and fishing. The catching is totally dependent on the Temperature Break, so the choice of where to go and fish is very important. There are fish being reported on the bank, however, they are not biting. The Offshore Fishing and the Temperature Break is key to locating the fish. The best reports from the fleet are to run west until you find 50 degree water, and start trolling West. The 37's to the 42's West and the 49's to the 54 North is the area to concentrate in and around. The more pronounced break is farther out, and the bite is going pretty much all day.  Captain Craig loves the offshore bite as it stays all day, especially with bright sun. Speeds are 2.5 to 2.7 at the ball and 3.1 to 3.3 Speed Over Ground (SOG). Direction of troll is totally dependent on the currents found offshore, and therefore the Fish Hawk is a critical piece of equipment. The Offshore Program is producing double digit bites, but as we all know Steelhead are escape artists, so the box rate is totally boat / angler dependent.

The best baits were as follows:

  • RIGGERS:  SLOW, to ON VACATION.  Best was the chute rigger with the DW Yellow Sparkler Spin Doctor and the UV Yellow Gasoline Meat Rig, down 100 with a 30 foot lead. This Meat Rig has been a staple all season along with the Chrome Kevorkian with UV Green Gasoline.  It is worth putting this rig down regardless of your location as it has taken Big Trout, King and Steelheads. 
  • HIGH DIVERS: Went with Slide Divers here.  Yeck Lightening with dingle berries back 80 and the DW Orange Crush back 60.  Regular High Divers with Yellow Spin Doctors and Flies have started to go back 150.  
  • LOW DIVERS: were STILL, MIA and seem to be to deep, to take fish
  • CORES & COPPERS: Coppers were as followed: 50, 75, 100, 150. Cores are 1, 2, 3, and Free Birds. The best Spoons are as follows: DW SS Orange Crush & Gold and Jaw Breaker. Yeck Fireball, Yellow Lightening and Jelly Bean. The Moonshine Orange Slice and Agent. All of these have been the top producers. Of course, anything you have confidence in for your Offshore Program should be tried. Just remember that fish look UP, not DOWN. If you are not getting bites you are probably fishing to deep.

Don't forget to check the HOT BOARD for the actual baits described above, and if you are in town, stop in and talk with Captain Craig as he always has the latest and greatest information on the Ludington fishery.