Warming Up!

The temperatures are predicted to start a slow warm up this week, and so is the fishing. Ludington produced another good batch of browns over the weekend. On Saturday, as Capt. Craig and Bradon again took to the harbor in the 14ft. Guppy Getter. They started at the crack of 1 pm after a warm hot lunch and fished until 4 pm. They had 24 fish on and managed to land 15. They were a bit smaller than their first trip on Monday. The water temp was 36 to 37 inside the harbor and 34/35 outside, down the break walls and along the beach. The majority of the bites came inside the harbor. The Steelhead were outside and along the beach. The baits of choice were the basic body baits and small spoons in the orange, yellows and blue patterns. Captain Craig did comment that he thought the bigger fish would have turned on if they stayed out later. This is due to the fact that their first trip was an early evening trip.

So, if you are getting a bit of Spring Fever, and you are looking for a great trip, I would definitely check out Ludington and this Brown Fishery. Sleep in, have a great family trip on the water, and be done in time for a nice dinner. The fishing will only get better as the water temperature rises and Silver Addiction will be ready and waiting.