Happy 4th of July Weekend!

The weather has been beautiful in Ludington for the Holiday Weekend. Everyone is enjoying the weather, water and fishing. The catching is totally dependent on the Temperature Break, so the choice of where to go and fish is very important. There are fish being reported on the bank, however, they are not biting. The Offshore Fishing and the Temperature Break is key to locating the fish. The best reports from the fleet are to run west until you find 50 degree water, and start trolling West. The 37's to the 42's West and the 49's to the 54 North is the area to concentrate in and around. The more pronounced break is farther out, and the bite is going pretty much all day.  Captain Craig loves the offshore bite as it stays all day, especially with bright sun. Speeds are 2.5 to 2.7 at the ball and 3.1 to 3.3 Speed Over Ground (SOG). Direction of troll is totally dependent on the currents found offshore, and therefore the Fish Hawk is a critical piece of equipment. The Offshore Program is producing double digit bites, but as we all know Steelhead are escape artists, so the box rate is totally boat / angler dependent.

The best baits were as follows:

  • RIGGERS:  SLOW, to ON VACATION.  Best was the chute rigger with the DW Yellow Sparkler Spin Doctor and the UV Yellow Gasoline Meat Rig, down 100 with a 30 foot lead. This Meat Rig has been a staple all season along with the Chrome Kevorkian with UV Green Gasoline.  It is worth putting this rig down regardless of your location as it has taken Big Trout, King and Steelheads. 
  • HIGH DIVERS: Went with Slide Divers here.  Yeck Lightening with dingle berries back 80 and the DW Orange Crush back 60.  Regular High Divers with Yellow Spin Doctors and Flies have started to go back 150.  
  • LOW DIVERS: were STILL, MIA and seem to be to deep, to take fish
  • CORES & COPPERS: Coppers were as followed: 50, 75, 100, 150. Cores are 1, 2, 3, and Free Birds. The best Spoons are as follows: DW SS Orange Crush & Gold and Jaw Breaker. Yeck Fireball, Yellow Lightening and Jelly Bean. The Moonshine Orange Slice and Agent. All of these have been the top producers. Of course, anything you have confidence in for your Offshore Program should be tried. Just remember that fish look UP, not DOWN. If you are not getting bites you are probably fishing to deep.

Don't forget to check the HOT BOARD for the actual baits described above, and if you are in town, stop in and talk with Captain Craig as he always has the latest and greatest information on the Ludington fishery.